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  • Priscilla W. 3 months ago
    I buy Kroger brand of sliced cheese that's not individually wrapped and is easy to peel slices off one at a time. It is wrapped in a foil type wrapper I leave the cheese in, then put in a baggie ( I use the baggie over and over) and the cheese keeps real well.
  • Sue C. 5 months ago
    I didn’t realize that the wrappers on cheese slices was considered a number 4 plastic. Good to know. I wash the residue on them and are keeping them till I find a place for them. However the supermarket I shop at takes no. 4 plastic bags. And I do buy Borden and Kraft individually wrapped cheese slices which some people here in thi forum call fake cheese Unless you purchase cheese from the deli dept most cheese comes wrapped in plastic. They put it on special paper and then give it to you in a plastic bag.
  • Cheryl H. 5 months ago
    I prefer to buy the unwrapped sliced cheese. I just happen to think it tastes better.
  • Carol D. 5 months ago
    I do not eat a slice of cheese very often. If I buy cheese by the block, much of it grows hard (over months) and I end up throwing much of the block away. So getting an 8 oz. package of individual wrapped slices is much less wastefull...not to mention less expensive.
  • Clarissa V. 8 months ago
    The message no one shout. That’s not even real cheese! Who is buying fake cheese that cares about the environment? Is there really someone out there collecting slice wrappings and driving to a recycle center to drop off?
    • Bobbi B. 8 months ago
      People can buy fake cheese and still care about the environment. That is absurd to think otherwise.
    • Mandy M. 5 months ago
      talk about an entitled way of thinking. "You dont own a Prius there for you want the earth to die" kind of mentality. Some people might like how the fake cheese taste or like the convenience for small children.
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