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  • Boni S R. 2 days ago
    I emailed my local waste management company asking about thermal paper IN COMPOSTING and expressing my concern with BPA, but they just replied that I CAN put this paper in our "green can." So I don't know if it's harmful and they don't care, or if it's not a problem in commercial composting.
  • Linda W. 2 months ago
    I was also surprised to hear that Photo paper is also not to be added to the paper recycling. I thought that my misprinted photos would be welcome, but no, that coating on the one side of photo paper is basically clay, and isn't welcomed at all!
  • Mark M. 3 months ago
    Does it matter of the receipts are thermal receipts? I know Recyclebank posted a whole article about how those contain BPA and how it needs to be kept out of recycling.
  • Delvy D. 5 months ago
    I love recycling my Christmas gifts presents to my family was glass with ornaments decorated from recycled
  • Lija W. 7 months ago
    Thanks for the info. Scary stuff.
    Glad to see the suggestions.
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