Live Green and Earn Points


  • bunni r. 15 days ago
    If it is an important receipt, I make a copy of it before it fades away to nothingness.
  • Jan F. 15 days ago
    Funny way to recycle, but it works. I keep a "junk journal" and as I write in my daily adventures, I glue these in my notebook. The junk journals will all eventually end up in a burning pit to get rid of them.
  • Javier M. 19 days ago
    "Can we get some new articles? There is a lot going on around the globe and I am positive you can come up with something newer than 5 years old. " (Not my thoughts, just passing on a message from Karen.)
  • tommy b. 22 days ago
  • John D. 27 days ago
    They still exist!
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