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  • Christoph M. 2 months ago
    Recommending to let the store email the receipt to you is questionable. First, there are privacy concerns. If the store has my email address, what else will they do with it, especially when it is combined with transactional information? Second, we should also talk about the carbon footprint of electronical payment solutions. When the energy for running the servers and solutions is produced by nuclear power or fossil resources, the carbon footprint is much bigger, not to mention the raw material needed to produce the digital infrastructure (rare earths, etc.) and the conditions under which the material is collected in third world countries.
  • Boni S R. 3 months ago
    I emailed my local waste management company asking about thermal paper IN COMPOSTING and expressing my concern with BPA, but they just replied that I CAN put this paper in our "green can." So I don't know if it's harmful and they don't care, or if it's not a problem in commercial composting.
  • Linda W. 6 months ago
    I was also surprised to hear that Photo paper is also not to be added to the paper recycling. I thought that my misprinted photos would be welcome, but no, that coating on the one side of photo paper is basically clay, and isn't welcomed at all!
  • Mark M. 6 months ago
    Does it matter of the receipts are thermal receipts? I know Recyclebank posted a whole article about how those contain BPA and how it needs to be kept out of recycling.
  • Delvy D. 9 months ago
    I love recycling my Christmas gifts presents to my family was glass with ornaments decorated from recycled
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