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  • Chris G. 1 year ago
    I collect old pyrex. Love it. I use some old stoneware bowls from the 30s or the 40's as dog dishes. Love it. Use an old coal bucket as a trash can in my bathroom and an old huge stoneware crock as one in the guest bathroom. I have a few old ice buckets that I use for storage on the counter for coffee filters, tea bags, koolaid packages etc.
  • K T. 1 year ago
    I bought a small two sectioned pyrex dish and use it as my cat's dish.
  • Mj N. 1 year ago
    Some Pyrex and Corning Ware is highly collectible. I'd happily volunteer to take it off anyone's hands! Older products my be made with a different formulation--I search for these. Likely you can sell or donate anything in good condition.
  • Sue C. 1 year ago
    This is an excellent question. I have some clear Pyrex covers that I no longer have the bottom pans for and I kind of knew that they couldn't be put with curbside recycling because of the nature of the glass. However; I have held on to them. I haven't come up with anything to repurpose them into as of yet.
    • Chris G. 1 year ago
      Send them to a thrift shop or put them on freecycle. People would love to have them that have the bottoms but not the tops. I got a bunch of tupperware lids for my collection that way.
  • ALEX R. 1 year ago
    All glass is not created equal. Although Pyrex is made of glass, it can’t be recycled because it’s been chemically treated to withstand high temperatures, which changes the composition of the glass. Glass must be sorted by type and color before it can be recycled because each type of glass melts at its own specific temperature. Anything mixed in the batch that does not belong can cause serious production problems, and even defective glass. Luckily, Pyrex is a durable kitchen classic that you should never have to throw away in your lifetime.
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