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  • Elaine C. 5 months ago
    Walmart has a bin near the entrance for plastic shopping bags. However I use the reusable ones whenever possible, any plastic bags I do accumulate go to the bins in the retail stores.
  • Heather B. 9 months ago
    The investment in reuseable insulated grocery bags is so worth it. Keeps foods cold on the way home and fresh that much longer. Been using the same bags for 8 years now. I wipe them down as needed to keep them hygenic.
    • Sara S. 7 months ago
      I haven't been able to find an insulated bag that can stand up to carrying the weight. They tear after a month or 2 and that compromises their ability to keep things cold. I then have trouble getting them recycled. Frustrating.
    • Heather B. 7 months ago
      I got mine at Wegmans. It might be helpful to rethink how you use them. They are more sturdy than a paper or plastic bag, but you still don’t want to overload them, just like you wouldn’t overload a plastic or paper bag. For this reason, I have 6 bags and use the older ones for lighter items, and try not to overload the bags, even though itcan be tempting.I also carry them fronm the bottom, not just the handles.
  • Christina W. 11 months ago
    Meijer and Hollywood Market have a collection spot right inside the door for plastic bags.
  • Maria C. 1 year ago
    great information.
  • Julie L. 1 year ago
    Is there any exception to frozen food bags, there are so many different kinds, and hoping that some may be accepted?
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