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  • erica m. 4 months ago
    A million uses for these storage wise. Great for compressing puffy items, or corralling small items like toys.
  • Twyila S. 4 months ago
    I have found many different ways to reuse these bags! From storing other towels & sheets, to using them for shoe storage!! Also, while someone May be reading this...... I Have Tryed & Tryed to Figure Out Just HOW TO “Check In”!!!! I just have NOT BEEN ABLE TO!!:-(
  • Melinda H. 9 months ago
    I do not think PVC is good for storing fabric, at least not for any length of time. Better to use something that can breathe. The bottom line is that these bags should not be manufactured in the first place. They are unnecessary and are choking our planet.
  • Susan M. 1 year ago
    They are great for storage. We use them for towels, sheets, etc when we go camping.
  • Julia Cu C. 1 year ago
    place your extra bed spreads, extra bed sheets & pillow cases sweaters blankets bath towels blouses slacks shirts
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