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  • Rose L. 5 months ago
    store things
  • Brandon N. 10 months ago
    I just use them to store material for later use. I use that cloth to make custom clothing (mostly targeted at clients with disabilities) and custom cloth diapers for all ages.
  • Cynthia H. 2 years ago
    I store things in them as well. I put winter clothes in them in the summer and summer stuff in the winter. Also, blankets, etc. I also keep camping linens in them. And, beach things when I put it away for the year. The possibilities are endless!
  • Michelle H. 2 years ago
    I store random this and thats in them!
  • Vivian L. 2 years ago
    I store out of season clothes in them and also use them to carry knitting projects around. There's always a use for them.
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