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Can I Recycle Plastic Bedsheet Bags?

By Recyclebank |

Recycling those zippered bags might be a challenge, but reusing them is a snap.

Dear Recyclebank,

Are the plastic bags with zippers that bedsheets come in recyclable along with other plastic bags?

Mary L., Allentown, PA


Dear Mary,

The zipped plastic bags that protect new comforters, sheets, and other bedding are made from a durable, flexible version of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as vinyl or #3 plastic. One of the most widely used plastics, the practical benefits of PVC come with some controversy as it isn’t easy to recycle and can release toxic chemicals when heated.

Bedding bags have similar properties to plastic film, but they shouldn't be added to the plastic film recycling drop-boxes that are commonly found in grocery stores. That's because those boxes accept #2 and #4 plastic films, but they don't accept any kind of #3 plastic. Keep recycling your plastic grocery bags, but leave the bedding bags out of it!

So if they can't be recycled with other plastic bags, what are your other options? PVC is accepted by some but not many curbside recycling programs. To make things even more challenging, even if your hauler accepts #3, only certain forms are accepted. Allentown, Pennsylvania, accepts all #1-#7 plastic “bottles and tubs” for example, but that doesn't seem to include flexible #3 vinyl packaging. So even if your town accepts plastic #3 for curbside pickup, check with your local hauler first since certain forms of PVC might not be recyclable.

Of course, reusing the bags would be even better than recycling them (which requires energy) or trashing them (which could release toxic chemicals if they get incinerated). They're super functional and durable, offering easy, accessible storage for backup bedding, off-season clothing like sweaters, or sewing, craft, and medical supplies. They also make excellent travel bags for toiletries and shoes, keeping your things neatly organized and protected from dirt and spills.

Do you have any reuse ideas for plastic bedsheet bags? Share them in the comments below!

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  • erica m. 1 month ago
    A million uses for these storage wise. Great for compressing puffy items, or corralling small items like toys.
  • Twyila S. 1 month ago
    I have found many different ways to reuse these bags! From storing other towels & sheets, to using them for shoe storage!! Also, while someone May be reading this...... I Have Tryed & Tryed to Figure Out Just HOW TO “Check In”!!!! I just have NOT BEEN ABLE TO!!:-(
  • Melinda H. 6 months ago
    I do not think PVC is good for storing fabric, at least not for any length of time. Better to use something that can breathe. The bottom line is that these bags should not be manufactured in the first place. They are unnecessary and are choking our planet.
  • Susan M. 10 months ago
    They are great for storage. We use them for towels, sheets, etc when we go camping.
  • Julia Cu C. 1 year ago
    place your extra bed spreads, extra bed sheets & pillow cases sweaters blankets bath towels blouses slacks shirts
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