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  • ALEX R. 5 months ago
    I agree with lights for security. I live in an apartment complex and the parking lot is not lit up very well. I always wish there was more lights at night for when I getting out or going to my car. But on the other hand I pass some college campuses that have so many lights in there parking lot it’s rediculous. I also live close to downtown Detroit and frequently go there and there are some parts that I definitely would not feel comfortable in if it was not lit up at night.
  • Clorisa J. 5 months ago
    Always use the silicone backing cups! I love them!!
  • Carrie P. 5 months ago
    I do love my Silpats!!! I have four of them and they get a lot of use around the holidays. They work great!!
  • randy f. 5 months ago
    While I almost always make muffins with paper 'cup' inserts, I am not a parchment paper loyalist. The acres of sheeting I would have gone through with all the cookies I've made ~ compared to muffins! I have had fairly consistent good luck with baked goods that I don't feel the need any more. The divá Miss M. (Martha ) always pushes the paper but with proper ingredients and pulling out and cooling before burning I think ~ Parchment Paper ~ is unnecessary for me. My muffins still need the help whenever I do make them • they're more temperamental.
  • joanna l. 5 months ago
    I didn't know that the paper could be least there is that !
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