Live Green and Earn Points


  • joanna l. 3 months ago
    I was glad to find out that NYC accepts metal jar lids for recycling...and even better you can sell them as scrap to some dealers
  • Jesse M. 3 years ago
    I keep old plastic pretzel containers to recycle my small metals like bottle caps and the like
  • Audrey N. 3 years ago
    I live in mi and we have a scrap stores where warehouses sell/donate weird items to them they sell them for $5 a bag full. It’s a awesome place to go to and be creative and learn how to use recyclable material and turn it into crafts. They also go to schools and do special programs. I’ve gone as a kid and still enjoy ping as an adult.
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
  • Ann M. 4 years ago
    Like Coke or Pepsi caps..leave them on the bottle and ours will take them. Of course, I must get my coke points first!
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