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  • tommy b. 5 months ago
  • joanna l. 5 months ago
    Gum itself is plastic, so your discarded gum winds up in the landfill, too. Maybe the best bet is to switch to mints (like the little ones in the tin) and avoid gum waste altogether
  • Ann M. 5 months ago
    we buy tic tac gum
  • Gerald B. 1 year ago
    Like Christine K I have a dilemma with medical packaging. I test my blood using test strips that include pure gold electrical contacts at one end. I add a drop of blood, which may be a contaminant, to the other end but I could cut the contaminated end off if necessary. I hate putting those glittering strips in the trash, but my recycling facility won't accept anything "medical" and "used."
  • Lucy S. 1 year ago
    Back in grade school we made "chains" out of gum wrappers, using the paper outsides as well as the foil insides. A silver chain decorated our Christmas tree; the colorful ones were glued onto small boxes and/or used to decorate a gift box. Do a web search for "gum wrapper chain" for pix and instructions.
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