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  • Jen D. 3 months ago
    Can I safely use the foam peanuts, etc. in container gardening?
  • Janette K. 10 months ago
    NJ residents (like me) should know that Foam Pack Industries in Springfield NJ, which is owned by Dart, will accept white styrofoam for recycling, including meat trays and take out food containers. If you're too far away to drop them off, shipping them USPS is the cheapest way. Here's a link to Foam Pack's web site where you can get more info on what they accept:
  • B L. 10 months ago
    To nitpick, the containers and packing material is not Styrofoam. Real STYROFOAM™ (made by Dow Chemical) is blue and used for insulation. What is being discussed is "expanded polystyrene" made by other companies. [Shame on the Recyclebank editorial staff for missing this .]
  • Mark M. 11 months ago
    It might be time to update this. Styrofoam containers and cups are now accepted in Los Angeles and San Diego, and might be accepted elsewhere too.
  • Betty K. 1 year ago
    Publix grocery stores have a bin for recycling styrofoam in front of their stores. Metal straws are available online. Carry one in your purse.
    • Lija L. 8 months ago
      My Publix takes egg cartons, but could I also put the other Styrofoam in there? I doubt the people at the customer service would know.
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