Live Green and Earn Points


  • Germaine W. 22 days ago
    so many great plastic lids and caps...also metal caps from jars. Can these be recycled?
  • Steven C. 2 months ago
    ….and when they are used up, throw them into the compost pile.
  • Rebecca D. 2 months ago
    I place the filters (with coffee grounds) in my outdoor plants and they love it! The paper (I only use the brown unbleached filters) break down by the end of summer. So good for the soil.
  • Wendy U. 2 months ago
    I use a metal filter which is reusable have had it for years
  • Mia D. 2 months ago
    I use the used coffee grounds as fresheners in our fridge everyday. I love how it absorbs any odors I might have in the fridge.
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