Live Green and Earn Points


  • tommy b. 1 month ago
  • Khloe L. 5 months ago
  • Bev P. 8 months ago
    I keep chopsticks in garden box. Use to poke seed holes. When planting and want straight rows tie twine on each chopstick and place it at each end of row. Now you have a line to follow. square foot gardners can mark grid. Leave them in place or wrap twine around the chopsticks and put them back in box. We recycle old mailboxes at community garden at each plot to keep tools in.
  • Karen K. 10 months ago
    We use them for (among other things) holding up seedlings until they get to the 'stake' length. Plastic forks workwell for that, too. Plastic spoons get used for moving dirt, fertilyzer, etc.
  • tommy b. 10 months ago
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