Live Green and Earn Points


  • Tina B. 3 years ago
    I'm trying to find a way to repurpose the dirty used AC filter- like maybe using it under the gravel @ the. Ottom of my outside flower pots? I'm not talking about the cardboard only the fiberglass or polyester. Any ideas?
  • mary B. 4 years ago
    If you have an air condition "you gotta have a filter".Keep that baby clean and save Money on your power bill !
  • Xenia D. 4 years ago
    The maintenance men in my apartment complex come in & vacuum mine clean every month. Seems to be working just fine.
  • Barbara C. 4 years ago
    I don't have an air conditioner, but that photo looks a lot like the filters we had in our old furnace back in the '70s. The furnace service man told us that he used to just vacuum the dirty filter for his own home furnace, and he then re-used it, because it was a lot cheaper than buying new filters twice a year. We tried that, and both the filters and furnace worked fine. It certainly is worth a try with your air conditioner filter, too.
  • tommy b. 4 years ago
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