Live Green and Earn Points


  • m c. 2 months ago
    I visited Italy in 2010 and most places do not flush tp, there is a waste basket in each stall. I adopted this method once I returned home.
  • joanna l. 3 months ago
    Cloth squares could be used for non toilet uses like face and hand cleaning ...just throw the used cloth in the laundry!
  • joanna l. 3 months ago
    We were taught as children never to flush anything besides TP down the toilet. My grandmother was always concerned about her plumbing. It was just common sense!
  • Laurel B. 3 months ago
    My plumber friend says do NOT flush them. He gets many clogs to snake that are due to these, even if only 1 is used per bathroom visit.
  • Gina L. 3 months ago
    We have lived on septic and city sewers. The worst thing to flush is female sanitary needs. I remember the septic men complaining how bad it was for the pipes, them and environment. The worst was instructing friends, relatives and guests to comply.
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