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  • Twyila S. 2 months ago
    Absolutely NOT!!!! A friend of mine used the Flushable Wipes & it COST her & her husband OVER $1000.00 in Repairs!!! They had to have their Septic Tank cleaned out $ some of their lines had to be Replaced!!!! VERY EXPENSIVE “WIPE DISPOSAL”!!!!!
    I think that the Companies that produces these “Flushable Wipes” should HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR CLAIMS OR BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES CAUSED BY THEIR WIPES!!!!! Products like this SHOULD BE SOLD TRUTHFULLY!!!!!
  • Barbara W. 6 months ago
    I will Not flush any type of wipe down the toilet, why take the risk of stopping up the plumbing?
  • m c. 9 months ago
    I visited Italy in 2010 and most places do not flush tp, there is a waste basket in each stall. I adopted this method once I returned home.
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    Cloth squares could be used for non toilet uses like face and hand cleaning ...just throw the used cloth in the laundry!
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    We were taught as children never to flush anything besides TP down the toilet. My grandmother was always concerned about her plumbing. It was just common sense!
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