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  • Marc C. 3 years ago
    Sorry, but I am hating these new obnoxious, overly-bright VERY white LED porch lights that people are switching to! The blinding light gives me a headache, & it hurst my eyes! ... So I just try to not even look at their houses. I know it's to save energy, & money, & it's brighter for safety, but at the same time, they are ugly as hell. It makes some people's house look more like the entrance of a 7-Eleven ; ) I always prefer the 'warmer' shade, vs the ugly overly-white 'cool' shade, yuck!
  • Clovia D. 5 years ago
    Switching to LEDs do cut down on our "footprint"! I have been aware since living in New England and now remarried and living in PA, have taught my now larger family quite a bit about how habits effect the big picture.
  • Vivian B. 5 years ago
    Thanks for sharing the info on how to pick an LED for warm lighting. I'm converting my lights as the incandescents burn out S.B.
  • M H. 5 years ago
    I just switched to LED bulbs from ordinary light bulbs this week.
  • Pete G. 5 years ago
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