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  • A F. 1 month ago
    Many of the foil lids used on yogurt containers are coated/lined with plastic and are not recyclable as aluminum. It's often hard to tell if the foil lid is plastic-coated, but one way to test is to tear it slowly and you might see the thin plastic lining stretching as you pull the pieces apart.
  • Joan H. 1 year ago
    Loveland does but they must be clean and in a ball.
  • Anna J. 1 year ago
    Yes, they do.
  • Susan G. 1 year ago
    I checked with Phoenix, AZ a few months ago & they don't accept the lids. If I recall correctly, the lady said "no" because the lids are too small for the machine to pick up, or separate out from other waste. She said no, that's a certainty, so after that definitive answer I may have stopped listening.
    • Steven S. 9 months ago
      Wash the lids. When you have an empty steel can to recycle, put the lids into the can. Bend the top of the can over so that the lids wont fall out.
  • Jeanne E. 1 year ago
    I rinse my foil lids and aluminum foil off, scunch it up and put inside empty aluminum cans then crush them.
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