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  • Barbara W. 7 months ago
    I remember several years ago, sitting on my front porch on a HOT sunny afternoon. It was sooo...... hot the grass had dried up due to a drought/ heat. I SAW a person in their car, toss a lit cig ( straight from their mouth) to the grass along the curb of my yard. I had been reading the mail, so I grabbed an advertisement and RAN out to the curb to retrieve the lit cig. I moved it to the street and stomped in out while saying a few choice words!
    It easily could have caught the yard on fires and then the house! It certainly can happen in Okla and Texas with out heat!
  • Val B. 7 months ago
    With all the germs I'd be hesitant picking up the butts w/o gloves
    or some kind of protection. Eons ago peeps took the leftover tobacco
    from a cig soaked it used it I want to say in a flower garden to protect some
    plants against bugs. It's really old school though. Again if using butt that have
    been in someone's mouth and hands extreme caution is very warranted least IMO.
  • Diane H. 7 months ago
    Can the top of a spaghetti jar be recycled?
  • David I. 7 months ago
    The link to the butt recycling program is broken.
  • Gina L. 8 months ago
    I finally got a company/corporation to place a bucket of sand for butts on a nearby trail. Now I am just watching to see if they will do the clean up or if I need to tend to the trash. Either way it is a plus.
    • Barbara W. 6 months ago
      A LONG time ago, I had a few friends that smoked. I used an old coffee can, decorated it, filled it with sand then put it by the front porch. I TOLD the smokers that's what it is for.
      The one by the patio was placed downwind and away from others!
      Many years have passed and those people don't smoke anymore/or died.
      No one is ever allowed to smoke in my house EVER>
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