Live Green and Earn Points


  • Ke R. 1 year ago
    I just can't understand why non-recyclable plastic is even manufactured! It should be illegal as there are many other options for plastic. I think our plastic problem is greater than any carbon footprint on this planet, and should be far easier to control. Have you seen the Mexican upstart who has engineered a way to turn millions of tons of plastic into housing sheets? A house can be built in a week using this. Check out Eco Domum. Spread the word, and let us turn garbage into something valuable and long-lasting. Who would ever have thought that plastic mining could be profitable???
  • Bonnie W. 1 year ago
    I save them and use them for anything I can think of - sliced green peppers to put into the freezer, messy garbage, leftovers in the fridge, keep rolls fresh, etc. When leaving home with a cold bottle of water, I slip it into a cereal sleeve to keep the moisture contained. Home baked cookies store well in these bags. Anything you can think of, and certainly anything you would put into a Ziploc.
  • joanna l. 1 year ago
    You can use them to bring a sandwich (or snacks) to work.
  • Darla H. 1 year ago
    I haven't yet, but on utube they have ideas for their use.
  • Rachel A. 2 years ago
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