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  • Peg R. 1 month ago
    I'm using my bread bags for "ucky" trash that can't be composted, i.e. meat bones. I put a bag in the door of my upright freezer and keep filling it until trash day. I also put my arm in one to bring the trash bin back to my garage on trash day. Think about how many trash bins those men have handled just before mine and the germs they may have on them.
    • John J. 1 month ago
      I do the same with bags that can't be recycled. Also empty ice cream containers, but those are much less plentiful.
  • Steven S. 1 month ago
    Posted Thursday, July 29,2021
  • erica m. 4 months ago
    Great dor tile roof on a birdhouse, dollhouse or similar project.
  • CANDI F. 1 year ago
    I wash my oily bottles with soap and water before recycling
  • tommy b. 1 year ago
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