Live Green and Earn Points


  • Kai H. 4 days ago
    What happened 'because you asked' and 'the list' - miss them
  • Lora B. 6 days ago
    What is Recycle Bank's stand on the new Hefty Energy Bag Program? Just got my mailer with sample bags to start. it would be AWESOME if all this plastic, (not 1 & 2's) could be dealt with. I've been hearing from recycling 'evangelists' who say it is not as energy efficient as they say. I'd like to find out more...but we have to do something rather than send it all to the landfill!
  • Lora B. 6 days ago
    Nespresso pods are aluminum and now come with a pre-labeled, free shipping bag to throw them in to mail back to the company....when full, send back.
  • Cindy W. 10 days ago
    What happened to the question of the day? I really missed those.
  • Sheila J. 15 days ago
    I’ve lost my app on my phone!
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