Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 1 year ago
    great idea
  • ava o. 2 years ago
    We have about 8 we refill with water and keep them in the frig. We use them daily and when were out and about. So easy to wash and reuse.
  • Janie H. 2 years ago
    Love this
  • Ann M. 2 years ago
    Love the soup idea. I'd have never thought about that. Thnx
  • Margaret H. 2 years ago
    Who the hell uses those kinds of water bottles in a bike? Having to unscrew the cap while on the road? Rattling around in the cage because unlike a soft plastic bottle, you need to make the cage wide enough to fit, rather than being able to make it slightly smaller so after squeezing the bottle to make it fit, it expands back and holds it in place.
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