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  • Randy F. 10 months ago
    Glass For Me, Please

    Medicine cabinets in the bathroom can usually hold a person's / family's cups. I like using a double old fashioned glass. It's reusable, never really gets dirty so it can be finger-rinsed with water, a classic beautiful shape, just a nice purchase that in some small way adds to my life. So in my own environment I would choose glass. I could see paper cups being fitting for some occasional situations but definitely not as daily/ ongoing use.
  • Steven S. 11 months ago
    Posted Wednesday, July 28, 2021
  • Sylvia M. 2 years ago
    I do the same as Lisa T. I use the cup more than once.
  • Carol T. 2 years ago
    We reuse our glass drinking bottle
  • m c. 2 years ago
    Install a drinking fountain spigot on your faucet then you don't have any cups or germs to contend with....
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