Live Green and Earn Points


  • Sylvia M. 1 year ago
    I do the same as Lisa T. I use the cup more than once.
  • Carol T. 1 year ago
    We reuse our glass drinking bottle
  • m c. 1 year ago
    Install a drinking fountain spigot on your faucet then you don't have any cups or germs to contend with....
  • Lisa T. 1 year ago
    I use the paper cups but I reuse my cup for a few days until it gets mushy.
  • Michael Val H. 1 year ago
    So, what you are really apparently blithely saying is to proximately promote the spread of germs with a reused glass rather than avoiding it through single-use cups for the remote goal of "saving the planet"--whether or not YOU are actually saying this, I think this is the problem with a lot of the recycling mindset.
    • Carol T. 1 year ago
      Don’t you know how to wash your glass reusable? Sounds a bit odd.
    • Michael Val H. 10 months ago
      What's odd is not counting all the water and soap used to wash that glass--which is probably more of an ecological effect than tossing a small dixie cup.
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