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  • Deborah W. 9 months ago
    I never see those paper cups. Usually they are for water.
  • tommy b. 9 months ago
  • Jeffery B. 9 months ago
    We use a SOLO brand 3 oz plastic cup in the bathroom that has a recycle code of 6 on the bottom.
    • Gina L. 9 months ago
      Code 6 is not easily recyclable. It is in the styrofoam family. Many recycle plants are working on this type of plastic. Right now most are not able to handle it.
  • Gina L. 9 months ago
    If it is true recycling centers don't want wet, soggy paper then why are there so many recycle bins without lids?
  • Deborah W. 1 year ago
    I never use them. Cardboard paper cups for coffee - I hope they are recyclable.
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