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Are My Favorite Sports Teams Harming the Environment?

By Recyclebank |

The crowds, the lights, the concessions… they all make for a deep environmental footprint.

Dear Recyclebank,

Are my favorite sports teams hurting the environment?

-Dane L., Cranford, NJ


Dear Dane,

Consider the things about sporting events that make them so environmentally intensive: electronic equipment (such as lighting, scoreboards, and video monitors) plus a lot of people at one place at the same time. These factors require a lot of energy for lighting, equipment, cooling and heating, and transportation, not to mention waste from concessions, print-outs, and fan gear.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium made headlines last fall after an energy analyst determined that it uses more power at peak game times than the entire country of Liberia has the capacity to pump through its national grid. If that sounds outlandish, consider that the stadium houses thousands of square feet of video screens (which are surely running during events) and the 3-million-square-foot space is air conditioned!

Even events that don’t necessarily use lots of energy can produce mountains of waste. After the 2011 New York City Marathon, the New York City Department of Sanitation picked up 95 tons of litter and debris, and projected that 2 million paper cups would be recycled. With more than 45,000 runners participating and over 2.5 million spectators watching, a heavy environmental impact is inevitable.

But even if a sporting event will necessarily have a large environmental impact, organizers can take steps to reduce the impact. Many teams, stadiums, and events have adopted green measures on some level. For example:

As a sports fan, you can encourage your team or sports organization to take green measures requesting green options at games (mass transit or napkins made of recycled material, for instance). You might also contact your sport’s public affairs person to let them know that you’re a fan of green measures. If enough fans champion sustainability, sports organizers will prioritize it.

AT&T Stadium


Does your favorite sports team—professional or otherwise—make an effort to reduce their environmental impact? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  • Barbara W. 24 days ago
    The date above is July 2nd, but it goes back 7 years, so were we suppose to get points today 7-4-21? ( none registered in the Activity center ...only the daily pledge
  • John D. 25 days ago
    Pickin' on me 'boys! Hey the glitz and glamor of Big D had to suffer through decades of our extreme weather swings, give 'em an AC and heater break; plus some of dem folks are so far from the field they need those big screens to see the game. Lol
    *Texas Stadium was built with the capability of having a portable roof but it was never implemented. Maybe the weird hole was to give the spectators some cover but it and the positioning of the stadium was a design flaw that created funky shadows.
  • Susan M. 26 days ago
    Hats off the the NHL for making great strides in becoming energy efficient going as far as to energy audit every facility. They also started NHL GREEN
  • Carol F. 26 days ago
    All those disposable paper goods, but I can't imagine eating my ball park lunch off of a china plate at my seat.
  • David W. 26 days ago
    Go Pack Go!!!
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