Live Green and Earn Points


  • wayne w. 2 years ago
    It is also good to contact your local homeless shelters, senior citizens homes, and schools or charity of choice to share your extra items.
  • Rosa A. 2 years ago
    Goodwill stores takes almost every thing , and they make money to help on other people.
  • Michelle L. 2 years ago
    I am looking for a metal filing cabinet right now and instead of buying a new one I'll check out freecycle!
  • Maria C. 3 years ago
    great information.
  • Eliot L. 3 years ago
    Blustery wind and gusts up to 75 mph. caused a double aluminum awning to get ripped and thrown into my yard below. Clean up was a breeze, shoved it in my car and scraped it myself. Worth the ride
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