Live Green and Earn Points


  • Butter F. 1 year ago
    You should try donating the ones you don't want to a Charity.
  • Sue C. 1 year ago
    What I mean by giving you something back is; if its part of a group of household items you are donating it makes perfect sense since you will get a tax deduction for that return and the items will get reused.
  • Sue C. 1 year ago
    Curbside pickup doesn't allow for drinking glasses in the mix. This is a great question. The only alternative is the repurposing listed in this article or if there are some that you don't want anymore you might consider donating them to a charity. They will give you something back if they are in good condition.
  • Audrey N. 1 year ago
    Craigslist Free section is another way to get rid of glasses you don’t need
  • joanna l. 1 year ago
    Keep it clean, folks! Clean recycling (correct materials together) is profitable and it will continue to happen.
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