Live Green and Earn Points


  • Amanda W. 2 months ago
    They are great for spreading paint in art projects
  • RANDY F. 3 months ago
    Since there are enough stockpiled for future use, any additional cards that come my way will most likely become land fill. If the used craft supply store still takes donations after the world partly recovers/ heals I might forward there but I don't want to be on next T.V. seasons "Hoarders" Show! Can't hold on to everything.

    <What do you do with your spent gift cards? Share your ideas in the comments below>
    • Diane D. 3 months ago
      I use used gift cards for cutting weird shapes onto each side to use as a tool for acrylic painting or mixed media. However, that is not a lot of gift cards.
  • NAncy Lee B. 4 months ago
    Has anyone found a current source for this -MArch 2021- I have a pile to recycle and when i asked terra cycle it is a $49 paid envelope available to me but really designed for companies doing larger sale and out of my budget. est Buy no longer takes them
  • bunni r. 7 months ago
    Thanks Stacy and the same to you.
  • Stacy M. 7 months ago
    Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone is safe and well.
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