Live Green and Earn Points


  • Maria C. 1 year ago
    Thank you for the information.
  • Michel M. 1 year ago
    A billion years ago, when I was young, I think my mom was the first ever recycler! My brothers and I were skinny, and our pants kept falling down. We were poor and couldn't afford belts. Mom worked at the hospital and she would take used IV hoses, clean them out and braid them to make belts for my brothers and myself. Not very pretty, but they worked!
  • Barbara W. 1 year ago
    Can garden hoses be recycled?
    • Michel M. 1 year ago
      What I do with my old hoses is to cut length of them and run a rope through the ends. Then I use the hose on tree branches that need to be tied up to the tree trunk, which I use a piece of hose on, also. This keeps the rope from cutting into the tree trunk and branches.
    • Sonny S. 9 months ago
      Most hoses can not be recycled because of how they are constructed.