Live Green and Earn Points


  • tish A. 3 months ago
    I look for recycling packages
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    Shop locally and seasonally at the farmers market!Foods eaten in season usually taste a lot better!
  • joanna l. 9 months ago
    I think that we should write to companies and tell them that we will or wont buy their products based on their origin (and take supermarket surveys when you can and tell them local and american products are for me
  • Eugene and Mary Ellen C. 9 months ago
    we look for recyclable packaging on products, we have recycled as much as we could for many years.
  • Alice B. 10 months ago
    I believe that it is wise to buy American made.If American lose jobs it is like a domino effect and eventually no one will have a job because there will be no one to buys our good and or services. That will leave and has left Americans with no jobs who do not care about the environment.They have bigger worries. Many Americans are 1 paycheck from being homeless. Homeless people make junk piles or stuff they can sell and when they move on the environment has all the junk and garbage left behind which is a major environmental disaster and the town involved has a major clean up problem that can take a long time to clean up.So if. you love this country please buy American.It is usually better made and often guaranteed. It is also better regulated and safer to consume or eat. Love this country or lose it.It is your choice.
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