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Classy Trash: The Best Recycling Bin Options for the Bathroom

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Crowded bathroom? These recycling bin ideas will help reduce unsightly clutter and increase recycling in your loo.

One of the easiest ways to remind yourself to recycle empty shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls, pill bottles and other bathroom-based recyclables, is to have a designated bin so they can be separated from the landfill-bound waste. But, we all know bathrooms are small, and waste bins aren’t exactly glamorous. Here are a few tips to make your bathroom recycling bin a bit more haute décor than eyesore:

Keep It Small: Floor space is limited in most bathrooms, particularly powder rooms that only have a toilet and sink. As it’s likely you won’t have many recyclables each week anyway, you can invest in a small receptacle. We like step-operated lidded versions, some of which come in at less than a foot tall, and in different colors and finishes like bronze or black.

Consider a Divided Waste Basket: Another option for space-challenged W.C.s: A divided waste basket. Usually these are large and utilitarian in design, intended for garages, mudrooms or other more-spacious areas, but the wicker model from The Basket Lady is cute enough to mesh with your décor, and only has a 20- by 13-inch footprint. One bin can hold trash, the other recyclables — just mark the inside of each bin with a sticker so that you’ll remember which is which.

Color Code: To avoid confusion, buy two waste-baskets that coordinate but are different colors or designs. Some even double as a way to collect and reuse plastic bags, and come in multiple colors.

Make One Yourself: If you can’t find a design you like, repurpose an old waste-basket, bucket or bin, and decorate it the way you like. One eco-friendly option is to decoupage it with scrap paper from old magazines or junk mail; try collecting paper that’s in shades of green so that you can color-code it to its use. Or give an old bucket a new life by covering it with scrap paper or fabric. Incorporate the recycling symbol into your design as a visual reminder to be green!

Hide It: If you can’t find the perfect fit — and since you might not need to empty your bathroom recycling bin more than every couple of weeks — find a good, out of the way spot for your recyclables, such as in the cabinet under the sink or behind the door. The Recycle Crunch Can is perfect for this — it collapses when not in use, and has handles so it could hang from a hook inside a closet or behind a door. You could also simply put a hook inside a bathroom cabinet and hang a plastic bag from there, that you can then use to collect recyclables.

How do you collect your bathroom recyclables? Tell us in the comments!


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