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  • Ryan B. 1 year ago
    I have saved a lot of water bottle caps. Is anyone interested in using them?
    You pay shipping. Thanks
  • Kathy L. 5 years ago
    I save the caps for someone who says they use them for Buddy Benches for Schools, but I need more info on the right caps to save. Your comments would be appreciated. KL
  • Julia C. 7 years ago
    You're right, they are so small, it's hard to see the impact they have on our environment. I've heard that you can recycle a plastic bottle cap if it is attached to the bottle it came with. Is that true? I didn't know that bottle caps created that much of a problem. I have never seen the importance of recycling until now! I will be careful now to always recycle my bottle caps. My boyfriend will be grateful. She always gets after me to be more environmentally friendly. I've just never seen why it's a problem until this article spelled it out for me. My boyfriend will be able to tell me where I can go to recycle my bottles and other things. <a href='' ></a>
  • Pez G. 8 years ago
    yes. products made up of PET & HDPE CAN BE RECYCLE.

    <a href="" title="PET bottle" target="_blank">PET bottle</a>
  • m Mc G. 9 years ago
    I have used them for crafts. I made a checker board game out of them. Also I have used them to teach our pets to retrieve and exercise.
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