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  • erica m. 8 months ago
    Doesn't t depend on the municipality? Maybe I'll shred dark paper into my compost.
  • Charles H. 8 months ago
    I didn't know that.
  • Latoya R. 8 months ago
    Good to know.
  • Gerald B. 8 months ago
    I put a lot of effort into getting this right, but it is frustrating that so many factors have to be taken into account. I have kept black and other dark paper out of the recycling, but I have never applied the same standard to cardboard -- such as boxes with colorful pictures on them, Uh-oh. I hate to think about past sins like recycling cash register receipts, a dark piece of paper, or those little papers off panty liners that I now know have silicon on them. I wonder if I have ruined tons of paper or if some poor laborer has had to pick those out of a stream of paper at the Recycling Center. Dang.
  • Kellie W. 8 months ago
    Wait, so not all junk mail can be recycled? Oh man. I've totally been doing it wrong.
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