Live Green and Earn Points


  • terry m. 6 months ago
    our town grinds the glass up and uses as fill for projects like sewer lines (so they say)not maybe ideal but the cost of transporting glass to a major city is more than the glass is worth.
  • Cambria P. 6 months ago
    I agree that it's a waste of time & energy to drive to a recycling center and have to separate glass by color. With our advanced technology this should be a no brainer.!!!
  • joanna l. 6 months ago
    I think that its ridiculous to drive glass to a facility (and to sort it by color first!) Does anyone else agree with me?
  • Linda C. 6 months ago
    I learned a lot about recycling from this site, kudos thanks for the information
  • Debbie K. 6 months ago
    YES I would like to know why I am not receive my points looks to me like you've been give my to someone else can you tell me why.
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