Live Green and Earn Points


  • C Kay B. 8 days ago
    I sewed a large tube from scrap material and inserted a loop in one end to hang by my door or in the garage. All plastic bags I get (whether I want or not) get stuffed into those tubes (I have one in the kitchen) and eventually, I will take to neighboring markets and/or grocers to deposit into their receptacles for recycling them.
  • RODNEY L. 1 month ago
    you can use plastic shopping bags for trash around the house
  • Wanda S. 3 months ago
    There are some good subjects to learn about
  • Gina L. 10 months ago
    Try using your used floss to tie up small things like plants, esp in gardens. I bet there are lots of ways to reuse floss once cleaned.
  • Patricia D. 1 year ago
    Thank you for the suggestion of Radius!
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