Live Green and Earn Points


  • Debra T. 9 months ago
    Look into programs like UGI LIURP, and PPL Weatherization program. For those of us who are not sure of what or how to do things to help insulate our homes. I was amazed by how much they pointed out and assisted with correcting some mostly minor issues that should help to keep my home warmer and save some money in the long run. I wasn't even aware that these programs existed, but they are wonderful. Thank you UGI & PPL!
  • Ruth N. 9 months ago
    podemos reciclar los cepillos plasticos de dientes o de limpieza ?
  • Bonnie G. 10 months ago
    LED light bulbs do cost a little more but they last a lot longer while saving money on the electricity bill!
  • Laura L. 10 months ago
    An on-demand water heater instead of the tank kind would be the best way to go, especially if they're solar powered. My neighbor has one and it's worked great for 7 years, no maintenance at all. Electric on-demand heaters are way cheaper than the tanks and supposedly very easy to Install.
  • Kat F. 10 months ago
    I recycle all the time. I also rescue items I find at the curbs when I am on the road. I upcycle, repair, or donate to a town resident so he can sell the items. He;s been replaced by corporate people. Out of work at 60 and trying to pay his mortgage by holding yard sales a few times a week. I gave all my yard sale items or useful things that I no longer need or use. I don't really know the man, I just stopped by his yard sale one day and we spoke for a long time. He's 9 years short of paying the place off, I couldn't let him lose his home of 20 years.It actually get an upset belly when I can't rescue a piece from the garbage truck or landfill.
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