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  • Cindy W. 1 day ago
    I remember one of the home repair shows where they took broken glass to this guy who made countertops from the broken pieces. I can't remember the show now, however, he had this method to compact broken shards of glass into forms for countertops. They turned out beautiful. Sorry I can't remember the name of show, but, maybe someone out there also remembers it.
  • June S. 2 months ago
    I don't have curbside recycling where I live, but take all my recyclables to one of the nearby recycling containers. This consists of large metal receptacles - one for glass (divided into clear glass and colored glass), one for cardboard, and several for mixed recyclables. When I recycle the glass, my only option is to drop them into the large metal container ... where I can hear them break as they hit either the bottom of the container or other glass already in the container. It can't be helped!
  • Gina L. 2 months ago
    We try our best to keep broken glass out of the recycle bin. However, the trash/recycle people toss it around like it is no big deal. I hear the smashing of glass and other products whenever the large recycle trucks empty the bins. I guess they don't care/know the dangers of broken glass.
  • Dee R. 5 months ago
    With the broken glass at our home, first I try to use "flat-ish" pieces and save them in heavy duty containers until there is enough to make a pretty top on an old table. The older kids can participate and it gets rid of some glass pieces. Also, the idea about putting them in the bottom of planters: we hit them a couple more times to make them all kind of the same size and then put them in the bottom of our really large planters around the patio area. I printed a sticker that I placed on the bottom and the inner side below the can still see some of that sticker, but I would be sick if someone thought they were planting me new flowers as a favor and got cut! You have to be so mindful of everything: producing items that aren't recyclable or is difficult and costly to recycle, for the most part are things we've inherited. When you are given things you also have to take responsibility for them. This site has opened my eyes to just how much trash we make on our planet earth. We have to take the initiative to produce less items that can't be recycled and/or the items that need recycling , follow suit with some of our world neighbors and invest in turning it around to make energy, without harming the environment! The old brown and blue glass that once held medicines, Vicks, etc....I use them in my decorating. I group the like colors together to make a statement. Then I use pillows of the same color to tie it all together.
  • Sue C. 5 months ago
    Thank you for this article on broken glass. I make it a point of not putting broken glass in the recycling bag for the exact reasons stated in this article. I didn't want anyone to get hurt on broken glass. However; I didn't realize that there are other ways to get that broken glass recycled through other sources. All good to know.
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