Live Green and Earn Points


  • Gina W. 11 days ago
    use re-usable boxes instead or just keep gift in store bags you already have your gifts in
  • Jan N. 26 days ago
    I use old newspaper to wrap Christmas gifts
  • Ruthanne N. 1 month ago
    We donate to church and school for art and craft also I wrap smaller boxes I have at home and use the boxed for storing things I have around the house and the boxes look nice not just a plain boring look to them
  • Jamie G. 1 month ago
    Santa did not wrap his gifts when my daughters were young. Some gifts were wrapped as they got older. Each year all family members get a special tree ornament. One year I bought small festive boxes. Now every year the ornaments are presented in the same boxes. That is 4 boxes used for 25 years and no wrapping paper needed. I also have a small, medium and a used box from printer paper that is wrapped and reused each year. Gift bags are reused. And this year they will take their gifts home in reusable shopping bags. I found bags to match their interests at Publix grocery store.
  • Roxanne N. 1 month ago
    I buy Christmas fabric on sale and make my own Bag-O-Chrismas.
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