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Because You Asked

Because You Asked: Is It Safe To Reuse Tires?

By Recyclebank |

The verdict isn’t in quite yet.

Dear Recyclebank: I heard a story on the radio about reusing tires, the gist of which was that they are full of harmful chemicals. I think specifically it was stated that they should not be shredded and used for children's playgrounds. I'm wondering if they might outgas some harmful chemicals into the indoor environment, and if they pose a fire risk. Any thoughts on the safety of reusing or recycling tires? –Cathy T.

Dear Cathy: For the unfamiliar, outgassing (or off-gassing) is the release of volatile organic compounds from a material, some of which have been found to be carcinogenic. In the case of tires, these can include benzothiazole, butylated hydroxyanisole, n-hexadecane, and 4-(t-octyl) phenol, per the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. While the effects of these compounds on those who work with rubber have been well-documented, not as many studies have been done on the effects on consumers. However, a number of recent studies have started to examine the safety of using tire crumbs in playground, as well as in athletic fields, flooring, and mulch. In general, only low-level emissions were detected and no immediate risks have been found, but the EPA has recommended further research.

If you do decide to reuse tires, you might want to keep them outdoors so the gasses have a chance to dissipate. Sealing them with plaster or another material can help minimize both outgassing and fire risks. Having them professionally recycled could be even safer, since recycling facilities will have the equipment to handle them properly, though they are likely to be put to the same uses mentioned above. Cities and haulers may collect tires during specialty collection events, and many tire retailers will also accept old tires for proper disposal. Whether you find a way to reuse or recycle tires, it will be better than leaving them in a landfill.

CT Department of Public Health

Have you tried reusing tires around your home? What have you found out? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • verna h. 5 months ago
    Your picture on this play area above does have a good use for tires. However did they think of the possibility of harboring mosquitos in the open area that can fill up with water??
  • Ricky C. 9 months ago
    I've always wanted a tire swing.
  • Darnell P. 9 months ago
    Hi I believe tires should be recycled or reuse for something other than leaving them on the side of the roads, streets or landfills. Most car places recycle them as well.
  • Melissa H. 9 months ago
    In farm country, people cut tractor tires in half and bury them partway to mark the sides of their driveways. I like the idea of a tire swing, but I'd turn the tire inside out first- I've heard stories of snakes hanging out in them, and I wouldn't want that kind of surprise!
    • Leticia C. 3 months ago
      never would of thought of snakes, and I live in Florida! Thanks for the information. I wont be using tires to play for the Grandkids. A good old fashion rope and wood seat will do.
  • ALICIA M. 10 months ago
    I am painting an old tire and making a tire swing out of it
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