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  • Janet J. 4 months ago
    I contact day care schools and elementary schools to see if any teacher would be interested in any of my recyclables for additional products for crafts. learning, etc. A lot of the schools are interested.
  • June S. 4 months ago
    I don't have curbside recycling, but the county has several locations where I can take my recycling. They have 3 types of containers - one for glass (separate sections for clear glass and colored glass), one for cardboard boxes, and one for mixed recyclables (cereal boxes, cans, plastic, etc. I make a trip there about once a week to drop off my recycling. The Publix grocery store near me also has small collection bins outside for cans and paper, and they also have one for plastic bags (including zipper bags and plastic wrap) and one for the styrofoam trays meat and eggs come in. I drop off those items about every other week at the Publix. Most of the grocery stores in our area have recycle bins for paper, cans and bottles, and plastic bags, but Publix is the only one I've seen that takes the styrofoam containers. I was thrilled to find out I had one less thing to put in my trash. I keep a paper bag near my trash can to hold my recyclables (except glass bottles and jars, the plastic bags, and the styrofoam) so I can dump bag and all at the recycle facility. I have far more recycling than I do trash, and that's a good thing!
  • Audrey N. 4 months ago
    I live in an apartment and they have zero recycling, it horrible. I do take what I can in a plastic garbage bag over to my fathers but I know I end up throwing away more recyclable material than I should bc I really have no where to store it in my apartment and don’t want it to stink or get bugs. I really wish they had a recycling container here but they just don’t care, it’s really a shame.
  • Elena B. 4 months ago
    nope, I am not keeping my kitchen sink looking like that! we have a smaller bin under the sink where we put all recyclables in and empty it as needed. Haven't used my trash compactor for recyclables in a while since we got a larger curbside bin.
  • July M. 4 months ago
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