Live Green and Earn Points


  • Paula N. 2 months ago
    our recycler accepts shredded paper only if in a clear plastic bag
  • MARIE B H. 5 months ago
    is paperboard recyclable
  • Hana A. 7 months ago
    I've never even shredded paper before. But good reminder to some. Likely. Thx
  • Barbara B. 7 months ago
    I thought you could recycle shredded paper if it was in a clear plastic garbage bag??
    • Laurel F. 7 months ago
      We can where I live. Lately thought, we've been bringing it to my sons' school, where they have a Paper Retriever recycling dumpster. The school gets paid for the paper they collect in it for recycling.
  • Carolyn C. 7 months ago
    I always mark out the sensitive info before I share magazines with nursing homes.
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