Live Green and Earn Points


  • Eszter G. 6 months ago
    Old mascara wands are greatly appreciated here:
  • Lynda M. 6 months ago
    Origins takes most make up products and recycles them even if they are not their brand.
  • Carrie T. 6 months ago
    Hello! There are several wildlife organizations that accept mascara wands. Here's a link to one of them:
    • Emily M. 6 months ago
      Thanks, Carrie, for this resource! Recycling makeup packaging is sooooo difficult...Terra Cycle has a mail-in program, too, so I am slowly saving up the containers.
  • Lisa R. 6 months ago
    Wow , there are some great ideas in the comments, thank you.
  • anita s. 7 months ago
    loreal is a great one to reuse over an over again !
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