Live Green and Earn Points


  • Antoinette B. 1 day ago
    After our move, we posted on GRAIGS LIST "Free Moving Stuff" and listed boxes, bubble wrap, clean white paper etc. There is always someone nearby that is moving too - our "Moving Stuff" was gone and off to it's new home in less than 24 hours!!!
  • Charles H. 3 months ago
    Both donating to and buying from thrift stores reduces a lot of waste for us.
  • Butter F. 3 months ago
    I just made three different piles keeps,donate and trash it.
  • Deborah P. 5 months ago
    Everytime we packed up a room we bought plastic containers (on sale). So much easier on the back. Plus you can store them and use them again. And the bubble wrap I have save we will use again.
  • Dawn V. 6 months ago
    We have recycled boxes from moves from our son's family, to our daughters family to her younger brother. Having 3 kids in college kids were moving all the time, so boxes were recycled several times and then taken to the cardboard recycler.
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