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  • julie b. 1 year ago
    We have always been avid composters/all veggie peelings, tea bags, egg shells, grass trimmings, etc (no leftover food!- that all goes in freezer compartmental containers for our lunch we take daily, we have these stacked in the freezer at all times) When we plant the garden in the spring, we have amazing rich FREE compost to add to our soil. We also live in a wooded area and put all tree trimmings, end of season garden clearings into the woods to break down. All leaves are used as mulch. We have many natural areas and let them fall at will. Lots of folks have chippers or mulchers to harvest even more free mulch. It is amazing what just one family can accomplish. I grew up in the 60's and my parents always composted and it just came naturally to me. . Keeping compostible waste out of landfills is so important. Once in a while an added benefit is seedlings sprouting in the compost which turn into free plants! This past summer alone I had 3 free cherry tomato plants from which I had a great harvest, enough to share with others!
  • Debi B. 1 year ago
    Make sure you read the labels properly. Take medication to the Recycling that is offered 2 x /yr by BSO & u receive a $5.00 gift card
  • Susan Mayer C. 1 year ago
    My husband puts all the leves, brush, tree limbs out in the woods. Everything breaks down out there.
  • Kenneth W. 1 year ago
    To the author: do you mean "formerly" and not "formally?"
  • Ginger B. 1 year ago
    There are positive things to do with under brush and trimming mugs! We can actually flourish gatdens and planters with the mulch.
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