Live Green and Earn Points


  • Andrea P. 8 months ago
    Once saw a show that was using denim material for home insulation. Wonder if the company that makes this insulation accepts denim....?
  • Terri S. 10 months ago
    Old jeans get used to patch newer jeans that need the knees patched up.
  • Lucy T. 1 year ago
    Check here:
    You can use the browse link to look for other ideas for green living, upcycling, etc.
    Warning: the hometalk site is addicting :-}
  • Diana R. 1 year ago
    Cut the good parts out into squares for a heavy duty denim quilt
  • sheri k. 1 year ago
    Old jeans make great rag rugs or when combined with flannel make nice warm blankets.
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