Live Green and Earn Points


  • Charyse K. 3 months ago
    I made a wind chime out of our old keys. Great sound.
  • Karen K. 5 months ago
    Find out if your local municipality uses plastics in road care. It will be picked up curbside and processed into the road resurfacing. I was surprised to discover our backwards community did this.
  • Patricia G. 5 months ago
    I saw where a man repaired the chairs by adding wood and screwing it in or something. Wasn't much to look at but it functioned well.
  • Dawn B. 5 months ago
    Broken patio furniture was able to be picked by our bulk pick up!
  • Patricia S. 5 months ago
    Last year I started a Swap your Stuff for my neighborhood in my community. It was such a hit another club did the same. We are having our second this January what better way to recycle than letting your trash become someone else’s treasure free!
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