Live Green and Earn Points


  • Phyllis W. 10 months ago
    Why aren't the manufacturers putting their products in containers that can be recycled?
  • joanna l. 10 months ago
    You know what I think is a terrible product? Those baby food pouches. So much waste for a little convenience!
    • Dawn A. 9 months ago
      I purchased reusable pouches and fill with homemade sauce. Even my older kids love to take them to school as a quick snack. Easy to wash, let dry and refill.
  • joanna l. 10 months ago
    Sometimes when I need a small amount of a medication or supplement , like an antacid, I will put the amount that I need in a clean envelope and seal it. You can write the contents and the dose on the outside and recycle the envelope when you are done.
  • Barbara W. 11 months ago
    I have never even seen the pouches, wouldn't it be for small amounts only?
    I buy bulk in bottles.
  • Floyd G. 11 months ago
    It is very important to contact your hauler to know what type of packaging is made in such a way that it can be recycled. Taking the labels off plastic containers can help the recycling process.
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