Live Green and Earn Points


  • Cathy M. 11 months ago
    After I retired, I donated an entire box full of them to my local grade school. They were delighted, to say the least.
  • Claudia C. 11 months ago
    You can drop them for recycling at Office Depot and get $2 off a new binder
  • LUANNA P. 11 months ago
    TURN old folders into JUNK JOURNALS .. tutorials for these are found all over You tube. You can turn your memories for the year you used them into a journal over summer vacation either for the memories of the school year or the vaca or both. ENJOY! Explore your creativity.
  • Mary Ann B. 11 months ago
    Underneath the covers is cardboard, so you can always remove the plastic and recycle the cardboard at least.
  • Terrance and Mary Jean C. 11 months ago
    Can they be given to a thrift shop for another child to use?
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