Live Green and Earn Points


  • David G. 20 days ago
    can I recycle the priority mail bags that the postoffice uses #4
  • Michelle G. 1 month ago
    Reused of plastic shopping bags can be a get project ..crochet beach bag or purse and mats for the homeless ..
  • Jennifer H. 5 months ago
    Fry's foods and there are probably others, has a barrel in their entry where they take soft plastic.
  • mary B. 5 months ago
    I reuse coffee filters that I sew/make ( made from Linen material you can purchase from your local fabric shop.Make at least 2,so you will always have one that is dry. Dump the used coffee grounds in the flower beds,I rinse the remains of coffee off the filter outside into the flower bed. let air dry..(Do not wash grounds down you kitchen sink.) Coffee filters will last a long time,though they will stain to the color of coffee.Mary B
  • Lucy A. 8 months ago
    I know they're not the best but I recycle them to become my garbage bag.
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