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  • Betty K. 2 months ago
    Publix grocery stores have a bin for recycling styrofoam in front of their stores. Metal straws are available online. Carry one in your purse.
  • Wilma C. 2 months ago
    Always ask for paper at carry outs, or bring your own containers.
  • Danette B. 2 months ago
    I'm hearing a lot about how bad straws are for the environment, but considering that polystyrene is basically not recyclable and is a lot bigger than straws, shouldn't we be more concerned about banning styrofoam take-out trays?
  • June S. 2 months ago
    The Publix grocery stores in my area have recycling bins near the entrance where you can bring back egg cartons, meat trays, and other styrofoam containers. I bring all of mine back there weekly. I wash the meat trays before recycling them.
  • Karen K. 2 months ago
    Any styrofoam containers that enter our house are fair game for the spring seed starting. I use them as water-catchers. Some around here are 3-4 years old.
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