Live Green and Earn Points


  • NAncy Lee B. 6 months ago
    We stir ours every few days in the winter, even more than in summer to keep the center active and breakdown continues just slower.
  • Audrey N. 6 months ago
    I rent so I I’m not really familiar with composting but have a couple questions. Do they smell like rotting garbage in the summer? Also do wild animals tend to get into them?
  • janice f. 6 months ago
    It's cold here in the winter, but I still toss my scraps in the bin. It's OK if they don't compost until spring.
  • Christine N. 6 months ago
    I live in Boise, ID and toss fruit and vegie scraps into my two compost bins every day of the year. It is used in our garden in May.
  • Hana A. 6 months ago
    Yup yup yup,
    We compost year round, which we are thankful for. It makes our veggies, flowers, and of course soil so much more rich than the past. :)
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