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  • Susan G. 3 months ago
    I checked with Phoenix, AZ a few months ago & they don't accept the lids. If I recall correctly, the lady said "no" because the lids are too small for the machine to pick up, or separate out from other waste. She said no, that's a certainty, so after that definitive answer I may have stopped listening.
  • Jeanne E. 4 months ago
    I rinse my foil lids and aluminum foil off, scunch it up and put inside empty aluminum cans then crush them.
  • Jessie L. 4 months ago
    Naperville, IL accepts aluminum foil for curbside recycling!
  • Penny H. 4 months ago
    I use the the cats to clean their own cans of cat food. It takes the hours but they have fun doing them. I put my cans in the sink and rinse them when I have to run the water to get it hot
  • Lisa G. 4 months ago
    Gonna have to find out. I do ball up my foil only if it is clean .
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