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  • Darleen R. 9 months ago
    Fortunately, we can recycle them here!
  • Susan B. 9 months ago
    Since I have 5 cats, I often get litter in plastic buckets. I've given a number of them to a contractor friend who uses them for painting or cleaning. I use several to store dry cat food and toys for the cats. When I find that I have too many lying around, I do put them in the recycling bin - they're easy to clean out and have recycling symbols on the bottom.
  • Carolyn P. 9 months ago
    When a bucket gets a crack and won't hold water anymore, but is still otherwise clean and in good shape, it's great for storing small toys!
    • Barbara W. 9 months ago
      I still use my cracked ones also, for solid things....., like leaves, scraps or even dog pooh.
  • nancy l. 9 months ago
    I use them for yard work. When weeding around the flower beds, pull weeds and place in bucket. Flat sided ones, like kitty litter buckets, I use to pick up leaves to place in leaf bags from raked pile when working alone.
  • Patricia G. 9 months ago
    If you don't need them put out an offer on freecycle and see if anybody needs them.
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